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List of Posters and Presenters
First author / presenter Affiliation Title
K. Kumar NESDIS Overview of O2R and R2D Activities at NOAA in Support of JCSDA Objectives
J. Dong NWS Using Temperature to Quantitatively Predict the MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Retrieval Errors over CONUS
S. Alemohammad MIT Quantifying Uncertain Remotely-Sensed Rainfall Estimates using an Ensemble-Based Bayesian Approach, (PDF, 1.27 MB)
J. Fitzmaurice Simultaneous Estimation of Soil Moisture and Vegetation by Satellite Observations
T. Zhu Colorado State Improve GSI Thinning Scheme for the Use in Global and Regional NWP Models, (PDF, 1.74 MB)
M. Vrettas UC Berkeley Assimilating Subsurface Hydrology Data, (PDF, 2.37 MB)
Z. Jiang NESDIS Real-time Global Green Vegetation Fraction Product Derived from Suomi NPP VIIRS Data, (PPTX, 2.1 MB)
X. Zhang South Dakota State University Generation of Global Biomass Burning Emissions Product by Blending Fire Observations from MODIS and Geostationary Satellites, (PDF, 821 KB)
B. Zavodsky NASA/MSFC Use of MODIS Cloud Top Pressure to Improve Assimilation Yields of AIRS Radiances in GSI, (PDF, 1.24 MB)
B. Zavodsky NASA/MSFC Development and Implementation of Dynamic Scripts to Execute Cycled WRF/GSI Forecasts, (PDF, 847 KB)
J. Case ENSCO Real-Time Green Vegetation Fraction for Land Surface and Numerical Weather Prediction Models, (PDF, 1.82 MB)
Z. Ma UMD Observing System Simulation Experiments for Space-based Doppler Wind Lidar Observations, (PDF, 1.09 MB)
S. Casey UMD Accuracy and Impact Assessments of Adding Errors to Simulated Radiance Data in Observing System Simulation Experiments, (PDF, 263 KB)
M. Masutani UMD Simulating Data for the JCSDA OSSE
Y. Song NESDIS A BUFR and GRIB Tailoring System for New Satellite Operational Products, (PDF, 54 KB)
N. Privé NASA Status of the NASA GMAO Observing System Simulation Experiment, (PDF, 1.82 MB)
D. Santek University of Wisconsin Assimilation of GOES-R Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) in the NCEP Global Forecast System, (PDF, 603 KB)
I. Moradi UMD Intercalibration and Bias Correction of Satellite Data: An Ongoing Challenge
X. Su IMSG @ NCEP Assimilation of GOES Hourly Shortwave and Visible AMVs into GSI, (PPTX, 239 KB)
B. Zhang, C. Brown STAR Comparison of 4DVAR and LETKF in Assimilating JPSS-derived Sea-surface Temperature in the Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecasting System, (PDF, 860 KB)
D. Groff NCEP Recent CRTM Activities, (PPTX, 1.39 MB)
K. Collins GLCF UMD Enabling Centralized Access to Land Cover Data for Climate Change Integrated Assessment Modeling

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